Frei von Alkohol und Parfüm Dermatest sehr gut Zu täglichen Gebrauch


All our products are free of alcohol and perfume. Tested by Dermatest with "excellent" and suitable for daily use.


skin protection against chafing and blisters


pjur active 2skin

What is the difference?



against Inflammation and pimples


pjur active Body After Shave
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Elmar Sprink, heart transplant triathlete and IRONMAN finisher:

Sebastian Apfelbacher„I received a heart transplant in 2012. With my new heart I have completed three IRONMANs, including the Hawaii course, the CAPE Epic in South Africa and the Transalpine-Run. Due to the numerous operations I have undergone, I have many scars on my upper body which caused a lot of friction against my chest strap. Thanks to 2skin this is no longer a problem, and I am able to take on new challenges such as the BIKE Transalp.“

Felix Mayerhöfer, marathon runner and world-record holder:

Simon Little„pjuractive 2skin is the product I’ve been looking for my whole life. Particularly in my successful world record attempt, in which I ran a marathon in a business suit in 2:42:59, 2skin was extremely helpful - I did not have a single sore or blister on my body! For other events I rely on 2skin as well. The fact that the product lets the skin breathe whilst also preventing chafing is brilliant and I would recommend it to anyone.“

pjuractive | Innovative Skin Protection for Every Occasion

pjuractive is the new brand offering skin protection products of the highest quality. An innovation in prevention –protect your skin before irritation and wounds appear. Our range of products is suitable for all activities: sports, leisure pursuits or at work. pjuractive is redefining the concept of protection from chafing, blistering and skin irritations, with no pore-clogging waxes, oils or greases and no alcohol or perfumes, all of which can irritate the skin. Innovative skin protection – Made in Germany.



2skin – anti-chafing gel

pjuractive 2skin anti-chafing gel is the innovation for protection against chafing and blisters! The gel integrates the upper layer of skin, creating a resistant and protective film without clogging the pores. Whether you're using it when running, horse riding, walking, swimming, cycling, wearing neoprene suits, protective clothing or shoes with heels: 2skin gel protects the skin effectively from friction and is water and sweat resistant. Learn more about 2skin.


Learn more about 2skin.

BODY AFTER SHAVE Spray – protects the whole body from razor burn and skin irritations

pjuractive BODY AFTER SHAVE Spray combines all the qualities you've been looking for in an aftershave: it absorbs quickly into the skin and offers long-lasting and reliable protection against razor burn & skin irritations. It is suitable for daily use, does not sting and is perfume-free. It has been specially developed for use on all areas of the body for both men and women, for all activities. Find out more about the BODY AFTER SHAVE Spray.


Learn more about after shave spray

pjuractive: two products, one team

pjuractive 2skin and BODY AFTER SHAVE Spray make the perfect combination. The 2skin anti-chafing gel protects your skin before and after activity and the Body After Shave gives the parts of your body you have shaved an extra dose of skin protection after shaving – reliable and caring.



The pjuractive quality promise

The SknTec quality seal represents the best quality and conformity with the strictest requirements. The pjuractive products – which are all Made in Germany – meet the highest German quality requirements in full and guarantee the following:

  • Safe and high quality ingredients
  • Skin compatibility
  •  Purity
  • Effectiveness

We make no compromises with the quality of our products for you! Our high quality standards are our most important promise which millions of customers trust.

pjuractive Brand Ambassadors

Many athletes and amateur sports enthusiasts absolutely love pjuractive! We want you to love it too!

Would you like to try 2skin or the BODY AFTER SHAVE Spray?

Then send us an email at and tell us why you'd like to use our products and for which activity. We're looking forward to hearing from you!

Are you already a fan of pjuractive? Then become a pjuractive brand ambassador now!

pjur: Over 20 years of experience in skin protection and lubrication

Since 1995, the name pjur has been synonymous with experience and expertise in skin protection and lubrication. The high quality health and body care products are sold in more than 50 countries around the world. pjur - which is pronounced "pure" – has put the concept of purity at the very centre of its corporate philosophy: All pjur products are fragrance free and taste-neutral and do not contain any ingredients which increase the risk of an allergic reaction or which cause unnecessary stress to the skin. 


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