Hiking without chafing or blisters with pjuractive 2skin

Innovative anti-chafing gel to prevent blisters in hiking boots and sore patches – for all outdoor activitie

pjuractive 2skin is an innovative anti-chafing gel, which protects your skin against chafing and blisters when you are hiking or doing other outdoor activities. Blisters in your hiking boots, pressure marks and many other skin irritations can be effectively prevented with 2skin – on all areas of the body.

Blisters in your hiking boots, sore patches on your neck and shoulders from the straps of your hiking backpack, a chafing chest harness or thighs that have rubbed raw – anyone who is out and about in the great outdoors a lot has had plenty of blisters and the like to deal with. Particularly if your hiking boots haven’t been worn in properly, the first blisters on your heels and toes appear within a short space of time. It becomes difficult to simply enjoy the landscape, and the fun of exploring your surroundings is quickly lost. Your outdoor adventure becomes a unique torment. pjuractive 2skin helps you to enjoy your hiking trip untroubled, right down to the last step.

Using 2skin anti-chafing gel for outdoor activities

pjuractive 2skin should be used before you start and is applied directly to the problem areas. For hiking, this is usually the feet, but also other areas, such as where the hiking backpack rubs.

  1. Put a few drops on your fingertips and apply to the problem areas
  2. Leave it to work for 10 seconds
  3. Put on clothing if required
  4. Off you go!

pjuractive 2skin forms an invisible, protective film on your skin immediately after application, reinforcing the cell structure and distributing pressure and friction over a larger area. This relieves the pressure on your skin, preventing chafing.

2skin does not need to be washed off, but can easily be removed using a body wash and water.

pjuractive 2skin ANTI-CHAFING GEL - 100ml bottle

pjuractive 2skin is the innovation of skin protection against chafing and blistering. It...


Content: 100 ml

What happens if 2skin comes into contact with open skin/an open wound?

Essentially, nothing will happen in this situation as the ingredients of pjuractive 2skin cannot get into the body through the wound. This is prevented by the body‘s natural and constant water transport from inside to outside through the skin. In addition, only a water-soluble formula can get into the body, e.g. through wounds, but pjuractive 2skin is not water-soluble.

Can pjuractive 2skin also help if I already have skin irritation or blisters?

2skin is designed for prevention during training or competition. It does not help to soothe existing blisters or skin irritation.

Does 2skin decompose if it is spilt in the natural environment?

Some of the contents and active ingredients of 2skin evaporate and those that do not evaporate are gradually decomposed. They do not remain in the environment.

How do you get the product off the hands/skin again?

The best way to remove 2skin from your hands is with soap. If you are outside, wiping them on a cloth also works. Make sure that you wipe it off well so that your hands are not slippery.

2skin – your companion in the great outdoors

As a hiker or a fan of the outdoors, you are constantly out and about in the great outdoors. You walk for miles to seek out the most beautiful corners, to enjoy fantastic views and perhaps even to visit a remote spot that few others have seen before you. You’re not afraid of physical exertion: Your path literally takes you over hill and over dale. You cross streams and rivers, small ravines and great canyons. With the ground beneath your feet forever changing and the terrain sometimes difficult to cross, you travel through the great outdoors, sometimes with punishing effects on your skin. Your feet in particular are put through a lot thanks to the diverse challenges they face. Blisters on your feet are probably something you’re used to as a hiker, and the fact that the chest strap of your backpack – no, even the whole hiking backpack, actually – can cause sore patches on your skin is not news to you. But the fact that there’s something you can do about it is, perhaps? 2skin anti-chafing gel from pjuractive is the perfect solution to blisters in hiking boots and any kind of chafing – particularly for outdoor pursuits.

Because 2skin is ultra long lasting and both sweat and water resistant, it is perfect for use in outdoor pursuits: Even during long hikes, it protects against chafing and blisters, even when you have to go through a stream or are caught in the rain. 2skin is also ideal in hot and cold temperatures. In the heat of summer, it doesn’t melt like a deodorant stick, for example. And when it really gets cold, the innovative anti-chafing gel stays soft and pliable at all times.

Multiple applications of 2skin can increase protection.

Thanks to the fact it is so easy to use and comes in a range of product sizes – available 2skin package sizes include the practical 20 ml pump dispenser as well as double sachets – the anti-chafing gel from pjuractive is ideal for all outdoor activities. It can be easily tucked away in a pocket without worrying about it leaking. And if you spill some 2skin by accident while you’re out of doors, there’s no need to worry. The ingredients and active substances all either evaporate or biodegrade.

One thing that is particularly practical, especially on camping trips, is the fact that 2skin does not need to be removed. The anti-chafing gel can simply be left on without doing you any harm, allowing you to relax and enjoy the great outdoors. Your skin will still be able to breathe, because 2skin does not clog the pores. It is dermatologically tested and approved and is also suitable for protecting sensitive skin.


2skin – perfect for outdoor use

  • Water & sweat resistant
  • Ultra long lasting and durable
  • Does not clog the pores
  • Ideal for hot and cold temperatures
  • Ideal for use on the go
  • Dermatologically approved
  • For all areas of the body
  • Does not remain in the environment
  • Made in Germany



Innovative anti-chafing solution of the highest quality

2skin is Made in Germany and therefore meets the highest quality requirements. Awarded the SknTec Quality Seal, pjuractive anti-chafing gel contains only high-quality and safe ingredients, which are extremely kind to skin and highly effective.

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