pjuractive 2skin anti-chafing gel for triathletes

Sore patches and painful blisters can be avoided, even in the triathlon. pjuractive 2skin anti-chafing gel protects your skin from rubbing with a non pore blocking, waterproof protective film. The invisible anti-chafing gel is perfect for all the disciplines you have to master as a triathlete.

As a triathlete, you face three disciplines, each presenting very different challenges for you and your body: swimming, cycling, and running.

The right preparation – physical and mental strength – is essential if you want to survive the triathlon, but so, too, are the right tools. Are you at the peak of physical fitness, with an unshakeable will? Then don’t let external influences stop you!

With pjuractive 2skin, you can prevent chafing, blisters and skin irritation when you’re competing in a triathlon. 

How it works: 2skin for triathletes

2skin from pjuractive is an innovative, silicone-based anti-chafing gel. Simply apply the gel to the affected areas before you start and leave it to work for a little while, before starting your triathlon as normal.

2skin immediately forms an invisible protective layer as a friction barrier on your skin, distributing the pressure over a larger area and protecting your skin against irritation. Your skin is still able to breathe and sweat, without chafing. The water resistant anti-chafing gel even offers reliable protection in water.

Easy to apply before a triathlon

  1. Put a few drops on your fingertips and apply to the problem areas
  2. Leave it to work for 10 seconds
  3. Put on clothing if required
  4. Off you go!

pjuractive 2skin always stays soft: it does not solidify when it gets cold or melt at high temperatures. As a result, you don’t have any restricted movement when competing in a triathlon, just maximum protection against chafing and blisters.

2skin is dermatologically tested and approved.

pjuractive 2skin ANTI-CHAFING GEL - 100ml bottle

pjuractive 2skin is the innovation of skin protection against chafing and blistering. It...


Content: 100 ml

Is 2skin water-resistant?

Yes, 2skin works in water and is not washed away.

Is it compatible with a wetsuit or neoprene clothing?

pjuractive 2skin is safe to use with functional sports clothing and wetsuits. It can be used with no worries.

Is one application of pjuractive 2skin enough?

One application of 2skin to the relevant areas of skin is normally sufficient. A single application guarantees the desired protection. However, the protective film can be reinforced by multiple applications of 2skin. For long distances or long training sessions, we at pjuractive would definitely recommend multiple applications of 2skin.

How should I apply 2skin if the skin is going to be under heavy pressure?

If the affected parts of the body are under immense strain, for example due to long distance, we recommend either applying 2skin several times at the beginning to reinforce the protective film, or repeating the application during the activity.

Triathlon – a peculiar challenge for your skin

Sore patches and blisters are a persistent problem for triathletes in particular. The distances are long. When sore patches appear for the first time, you often still have plenty of miles ahead of you. Every step, every movement, can become agony.

No matter what that movement is, there is always extreme pressure on your skin. Not even expensive functional clothing can protect you. ‎Around the seams, in particular, clothes can often rub so much that pressure marks, blisters, and skin irritations develop.

With triathlons, not only are there the long distances to contend with, but also the diversity of the disciplines. When swimming in a wetsuit, the back of the neck is put under a lot of strain in particular. If the skin has already been irritated by the sun beforehand, and the collar of the neoprene suit is too stiff, then it is usually only a matter of time before the wetsuit causes sore patches. The velcro on the collar of the neoprene suit can chafe against the skin. Skin irritations caused by crawl movements become noticeable on the side of the neck, in particular. If there are folds of skin above the collar of the wetsuit when the arms are extended, this can be extremely uncomfortable, as well.

Out of the water and onto the bike. Now it is primarily the thighs and buttocks that feel the strain. Cyclists often complain of chafing and pressure sores from the bike saddle, which you can prevent with 2skin.

The rest of the route must be covered on foot. Runners usually have problems with their thighs or with chafing in the groin area. The nipples are another area of the body that quickly becomes sore as a result of the shirt rubbing. Women often have problems with pressure marks from sports bras. And then there are the shoes: blisters appear quickly on the heels and toes, making every step almost unbearable. The anti-chafing gel can be applied precisely, offering protection from chafing on all areas of the body.

Incidentally, if you apply 2skin multiple times, this can increase protection even more!


pjuractive 2skin anti-chafing gel – for chafing and blisters in triathlons

pjuractive 2skin anti-chafing gel is the solution to chafing and blisters in triathlons. The gel is perfect for use in triathlons: it is water resistant, so it survives the first stage in the water without any problems. 2skin is ultra long lasting, durable and sweat resistant, making it the perfect companion right to the end of a triathlon. The innovative formula does not clog pores, and stays pleasantly soft even at extreme temperatures. No solidifying in cold weather, no melting in hot weather. An invisible lubricating and protective film, which effectively prevents chafing and blisters, precisely where you need it.

2skin has been awarded our SknTec Quality Seal. For you, that means the best quality, Made in Germany; a skin-friendly product that has been produced exclusively using safe, high-quality ingredients.


2skin – the benefits for triathletes

  • Water resistant
  • Non pore blocking
  • Sweat resistant
  • Ultra long lasting
  • Durable
  • Safe for neoprene suits and multifunction clothing
  • Ideal at extreme temperatures
  • Protects without hampering you
  • For all areas of the body


For the perfect complement to 2skin, look no further than pjuractive BODY AFTER SHAVE Spray. Use to nourish your skin after your daily shave, protecting you against razor burn and skin irritation.

Ironman World Champion and Olympic Champion Jan Frodeno wins his triathlons with pjuractive 2skin! What about you? If you’re in love with our anti-chafing gel, too, then become a pjuractive brand ambassador!

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