pjuractive 2skin: no more chafing or blisters from running

Avoid chafing from running with the innovative anti-chafing gel – even for long-distance running

pjuractive 2skin prevents sore patches and blisters when running. The sweat and water resistant anti-chafing gel is ideal for runners, to avoid blisters forming on the feet and chafing on the body.

Whether you’re an occasional runner, go for a short leisurely jog from time to time, or a professional marathon runner: your skin is placed under enormous stress when you run. Running shoes can cause pressure marks and even blisters on the toes and heels. Many runners complain of sore nipples as a result of their shirt chafing. Women often have problems with sports bras rubbing when they run. Sore thighs are also a well-known problem among runners. pjuractive 2skin helps you to avoid chafing and blisters when running. 

Whether it’s your feet, thighs, or chest – the anti-chafing gel is suitable for all areas of the body.

pjuractive 2skin – easy to use for running

2skin is easy to apply before going for a training run or competing. Whether it’s your feet, thighs, or chest – the anti-chafing gel is suitable for all areas of the body.

  1. Put a few drops on your fingertips and apply to the problem areas
  2. Leave it to work for 10 seconds
  3. Put on clothing if required
  4. Off you go!

The 2skin anti-chafing gel forms an invisible, protective film on your skin immediately after application, reinforcing the cell structure and distributing pressure over a larger area. This protects your skin from rubbing, for example against running shoes or sports clothing. Blisters and chafing from running are prevented. 

pjuractive 2skin ANTI-CHAFING GEL - 100ml bottle

pjuractive 2skin is the innovation of skin protection against chafing and blistering. It...


Content: 100 ml

What is the ideal amount of 2skin to use?

It is difficult to state an optimum application amount as the required amount depends on the individual‘s skin condition and structure. A drop of pjuractive 2skin is definitely sufficient for a small area of skin. The larger the area to be protected, the more 2skin is necessary. The condition of the skin also plays a role. More 2skin has to be used on dry skin. The amount required may also increase with oily skin. It is also difficult to say when a sufficient amount of 2skin has been applied, as this depends on the individual‘s skin type and the area of skin where it is to be rubbed in. We therefore recommend trying out different amounts.

Can I apply pjuractive 2skin to all areas of skin

2skin can be used on all areas of skin. After all, depending on physical activity and the sensitivity of the skin, every individual can suffer chafing and blistering on different parts of the body.

Can pjuractive 2skin also help if I already have skin irritation or blisters?

2skin is designed for prevention during training or competition. It does not help to soothe existing blisters or skin irritation.

Is one application of pjuractive 2skin enough?

One application of 2skin to the relevant areas of skin is normally sufficient. A single application guarantees the desired protection. However, the protective film can be reinforced by multiple applications of 2skin. For long distances or long training sessions, we at pjuractive would definitely recommend multiple applications of 2skin.

Blisters in your running shoes and sore patches on your body: how runners can prevent them!

No matter what it is you do, it always takes a toll on your skin. This is particularly true when you are running, because you repeat the same movement again and again over long distances, and, as a result the problem areas are permanently irritated. Your skin cannot withstand it for long. Sore patches and in some cases open sores and blisters form. These are very painful and can hold you back in your training and in competition. Even high-quality sports clothing cannot give you adequate protection in these cases. Your clothes will rub against your skin, particularly around the seams. When you go for a leisurely jog, perhaps the only sign at the end will be a small pressure mark. If you run longer distances, perhaps even a marathon or other extreme events, then the result is blisters and chafing, making every step agony.

With pjuractive 2skin, now you can prevent blisters forming on your feet and chafing on your body. The anti-chafing gel is perfect for running. The non pore blocking gel can be applied precisely to problem areas and does not hold you back as a result. pjuractive 2skin remains soft and reliable at hot and cold temperatures: It does not melt when it gets hot or solidify when it gets cold.

The anti-chafing gel is also ultra long lasting and durable, without clogging the pores. This makes it extremely well-suited to long running sessions. It comes in various product sizes, making it perfect for every application: pjuractive 2skin is available in a 100 ml or 250 ml bottle or a 1000 ml refill bottle for home use. When out and about or competing, the 20 ml pump dispenser or the 2skin double sachets are ideal.

2skin is dermatologically approved and has been awarded the SknTec Quality Seal. The anti-chafing gel is therefore certified skin-friendly, even for sensitive skin.

Are you a passionate runner who cannot be put off going for your regular training run, even in bad weather? No problem, since 2skin is both sweat and water resistant, making it suitable for jogging in the rain, too.


2skin for running – the benefits for you

  • Sweat and water resistant
  • Does not clog pores
  • For all areas of the body
  • Can be used at hot and cold temperatures
  • Durable & ultra long lasting
  • Easy to use, including on the go
  • Made in Germany


2skin and BODY AFTER SHAVE Spray – the perfect running team

2skin gives you perfect protection against rubbing and chafing when you’re running. For the perfect way to complement it, look no further than pjuractive BODY AFTER SHAVE Spray. The after shave from pjuractive is suitable for daily full-body shaving – without any razor burn or skin irritation.

The 43-times German Champion Sabrina Mockenhaupt and Ironman World Champion and Olympic Champion Jan Frodeno swear by pjuractive. Do you find pjuractive 2skin indispensable for training and competitions, too? Then become a pjuractive brand ambassador!

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