Why pjuractive 2skin? – Take a look at the benefits for you

2skin is the perfect solution to chafing and blisters. The innovative anti-chafing gel prevents chafing and blisters in any situation and also delivers a host of other benefits for you!

First of all, 2skin is a gel, which in itself gives you a lot of benefits compared to other products on the market.
Some of the most well-known anti-chafing and blister prevention products are fat or wax-based. The former category are usually creams, the latter usually sticks, similar to deodorant sticks. Both of these options, however, aren't suitable for every situation. They can sometimes be difficult to apply and, in some circumstances, do not offer the protection you really need for your skin.

Non pore blocking

Fat and wax-based products block up pores and prevent your skin from breathing. 2skin forms a protective layer on your skin that doesn't clog up your pores and allows your skin to breathe. The protective film also strengthens cell structure, distributes pressure over a larger surface area and, by doing so, provides effective protection against chafing.

Perfect in all temperatures

Most wax-based sticks melt at high temperatures, which can be a particular problem in summer. When it's cold, however, it can also be difficult to apply and spread wax. This isn't a problem with 2skin. Whether it's warm or cold, the gel remains liquid, it doesn't solidify and does not form any restrictive barriers – all this, even at extreme temperatures.  

Ultra long lasting, sweat and water resistant!

2skin is ultra long lasting and durable, offering effective protection even over long distances and under extreme exertion. It goes without saying that 2skin is also resistant to sweat – so you can rely 100 percent on the silicone-based gel even if you are sweating heavily. The same goes for water, because pjuractive 2skin is water resistant too! This makes 2skin the ideal product if you're training in the rain or doing water sports and activities that require a wetsuit.


Invisible protection

Creams often become very greasy and can leave hair matted, while sticks leave marks on your skin. pjuractive's anti-chafing gel is invisible and does not leave any unpleasant residue on cycling shorts or other clothing and it won't stick to hair either. 2skin is just there, protecting you without you even noticing it.

Precise, easy application

Using the tips of your fingers you can apply 2skin exactly where you need it, anywhere on your body. You don't even have to wash the anti-chafing gel off. If you do want to completely remove 2skin, however, just use a mild washing lotion and water.

The right size for every occasion

The different packaging sizes are particularly useful. At home, we recommend a 100 ml or 250 ml bottle of 2skin. Alternatively you can also use the 1000 ml refill bottle. If you're out and about, our 20 ml pump dispenser or double sachets are ideal.

pjuractive 2skin ANTI-CHAFING GEL - 100ml bottle

pjuractive 2skin is the innovation of skin protection against chafing and blistering. It...


Content: 100 ml

How does 2skin work?

Applying the gel integrates the upper skin layer, forming a non pore blocking lubricating and protective film. This strengthens the cellular structure of the skin and distributes the pressure over a wider surface area. As a result, it prevents chafing and blistering.

Is 2skin more effective if applied repeatedly?

The protective film and the performance of 2skin can be reinforced by applying it several times, according to individual needs and requirements.

Is 2skin waterresitant?

Yes, 2skin works in water and is not washed away.

Can I apply 2skin to all areas of skin?

2skin can be used on all areas of skin. After all, depending on physical activity and the sensitivity of the skin, every individual can suffer chafing and blistering on different parts of the body.

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